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Earn 40% of our Standard Ticket Prices  up to $500,000

Your organization can earn $500,000.00! The business that brought you the first Escape Game in Michigan has now put a new twist on profitable Fundraising.


Break Free from Traditional Fundraising

and Break Out the FUN!

Your organization can earn up to $500,000.! The business that brought you the first escape game in Michigan has now put a new twist on profitable fundraising.


Escape rooms have quickly become a great entertainment option for friends, family and  have become one of the top team-building activities for businesses. "They are small adventures," writes David Spira: author and self proclaimed puzzle junkie. "In a world gone digital, it feels so good to do something in real life."


Breakout gives you 40% of the standard ticket price when selling individual tickets, full games (10-14 contestants), and gift vouchers. Our rooms hold up to 12 or 14 people depending on which room is chosen. With multiple rooms per location, Breakout can accommodate events for large groups. Up to 60 people can play at one time, every two hours.

For larger organizations we offer the option for leadership to play a complimentary game in advance. 

Supporters of your organization can buy online through an easy-click link on your webpage or social media sharing. Tickets can also be sold in traditional ways of fundraising through family, community, work place, and friends. Fundraiser organizers will be issued a large envelope to collect cash or credit card payment with a traditional fundraiser sales and info chart.


Who is Buying Breakout Escape Game Tickets?

Small and Large Businesses

This could be a very easy sell for a company that is already planning their next great team-building event since there is no additional cost to the buyer. The price is the same as if they bought the tickets directly from Breakout.


Friends & Families

No matter the weather, Escape Games are a fun activity for anyone looking to do something memorable any night of the week. Groups of all ages book for birthday, wedding, or holiday parties.


Supporters can buy tickets online for a specific date up to 30 days in advance. To make plans up to a year in advance please call. Tickets will be sold for standard scheduled times only. Gift Vouchers are good for one year from the date of purchase.


Receiving Your Earned Funds

Each organization will receive a code used to track sales. That code can be used to immediately book a number of tickets for a specific date and time either using the buyers or the sellers computer, phone, etc… If the buyer would like to support the fundraiser and buy tickets but does not have a specific date in mind, they would have the option of using the code to buy gift vouchers that can be used at any time. All sales using a specific organization’s code would be reconciled bi-weekly, and a check would be cut to the organization for 40% of the ticket price for all sales.


Please contact Tylor Klausing  586-713-2104 or Breakout Escape Rooms at 586-359-6944 with any questions and to set up your fundraiser. If you are unfamiliar with or have yet to experience an escape room, call us to set up a complimentary outing for the fundraising organizers.




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